Panasonic Eneloop Pro AAA 930mah Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (4- Pack)

14,50 €
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1x4 Panasonic eneloop Pro Mignon AAA 930 mAh - For Professional Use
Low self discharge rechargeable battery
Size AAA: Minimum capacity 930 mAh / Voltage: 1.2 V
Provides high power performance down to sub-zero temperatures (as low as -20°C)
Can be recharged up to 500 times
Combines the best features of AAA alkaline (ready for use) and rechargeable (reusable) batteries
Factory pre-charged by solar energy and ready to use right out of the package
Maintain 85% of their charge after 1 year of storage
Stable voltage with longer power life than alkaline batteries
No memory effect – batteries can be recharged when fully, or partially drained
Provide long lasting power while saving costs